Plumbing Services Lawton, OK

Replace Faulty Gas Lines Fast

Providing safe gas line installation service in Lawton, OK

Keeping your home's gas lines in good working order is vital to keeping your family safe. M&R Plumbing offers gas line installation in Lawton, Oklahoma and the nearby area. If you suspect the gas line running to your home may be damaged or leaking, look to us. Set up a gas line installation by calling 580-291-8129 immediately.

Don't let a sewer line leak become a disaster

If you live in an older home, you may need to replace your water or sewer line. An installation technician from M&R Plumbing can tell you for sure. You can depend on us for water and sewer line...

  • Installation: Excavating the site and installing new lines
  • Hookup: Connecting water and sewer lines to municipal lines
  • Leak detection: Pinpointing the source of leaks
  • Leak repair: Fixing line leaks to prevent long-term damage

Don't risk high water bills and contaminated water. Schedule a sewer line installation in Lawton, OK today.